About Us

Clothing that connects.

Thruhiking isn’t just about hiking. It’s about the community, the nature we’re immersed in, and the memories we make along the way. That is what inspired Dylan “Pickle” Tonkin to start Town Shirt Co. 

With the iconic plants that we’ve all come to know and love along the footpaths we call home, Dylan has collaborated with artists and trail angels to create nostalgic Hawaiian-style Town Shirts in true-to-trail prints that connect our community and can even stand up to a thruhike. 

Shirts for a cause.

Proceeds from each purchase benefit the PCTA, ATC, and other trail associations to help preserve the trails for future generations.


The Town Shirt Team

Town Shirt wouldn't be possible without support from the hiking community. These are the people who make it all possible.

Every time you see one of our shirts, we hope you feel connected to the hiking community and your favorite memories.